Trends of Research studies on Gridhrasi

  • Dr. Nalini N Associate Professor, Department of Shalya Tantra, Government Ayurveda Medical College, Mysuru, Karnataka, INDIA.
  • Yogita Bali Professor, Department of Shalya Tantra, Sushruta Ayurvedic Medical College, Bangaluru, INDIA
  • Sathish HS Professor, Department of Shalya Tantra, TMAE’s Ayurvedic Medical College, Shivamoga, Karnataka, INDIA.
Keywords: Gridhrasi, Vatavyadhi


Gridhrasi is a pain dominating Vata Vyadhi and is surge in incidence is alarming. A large group of patients with this condition suffer from limited or restricted daily routine activities and is posing burden on socioeconomic life of an individual. This disease is being studied routinely in postgraduate departments, this article attempts to assess the trends and pattern of research studies conducted till date on the subject and also to highlight the unexplored areas to bring out the best possible solution for this malady. Number of studies are targeted on assessing the therapeutical potential of a modality or a drug and least number of studies are targeted on the studying the disease pathology.


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