An observational study on Nidana of Janusandhigata Vata w.s.r to Knee Osteoarthritis

  • Dr. Vishal Kumar Shellgi Assistant Professor, Dept. of Roga Nidana, Raja Rajeshwari Ayurvedic Medical college and Hospital, Humnabad, Karnataka, INDIA.
Keywords: Janusandhigata Vata, Knee Osteoarthritis


Ayurveda, the holistic life science aims at physical, social and spiritual well-being of an individual. As age advances Vata Dosha increases in an individual. This increasing Vata triggers and accelerates Dhatu Kshaya (depletion of tissues) and Bala Kshaya (reduction of strength). Sandhigata Vata is a commonest disorder, occurs due to Dhatukshya. Vata Dosha plays a main role in the disease. Shoola is the cardinal feature of this disease, associated with Sandhishotha with Vatapurnadrutisparsha. Sandhigata Vata manifests when the deranged Vata lodges in joints. If the condition manifests in Janusandhi, then it is called as Janu Sandhigata Vata. In modern science, Sandhigata Vata is corelated with osteoarthritis (OA). Osteoarthritis is a chronic disorder of synovial joints in which there is a progressive softening and disintegration of articular cartilage accompanied by the growth of osteophytes. So here an effort was made in this study to understand the Nidana of Sandhigata Vata especially Janu Sandhi w.s.r to osteoarthritis of knee joint in all dimensions.


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DOI: 10.21760/jaims.v5i03.907
Published: 2020-06-30
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