Anatomical consideration of painless Dant (teeth) extraction - Literary Review

  • Gupta Kanika Post Graduate Scholar, Dept. of Rachna Sharir, Babe Ke Ayurvedic Medical College, Daudhar, Punjab, India.
Keywords: Asa Dant Shareer, traditional painless Dant extraction, Jalandhar Bandha, Ayurvedic dentistry.


Dentistry, since ancient ages, is a medical science focused on the principles of oral hygiene. Amongst other dental procedures, tooth extraction is always of great challenge in itself because of its complexity and risks involved during or post operative period. In lack of development of anesthesia, ancient physicians practiced the tooth extraction using skills or Jalandhar Bandha without causing pain or any complications. In today’s world also these painless techniques involving no usage of drugs can be boon for patients having idiosyncratic response and hypersensitive reactions towards various anesthetic drugs. In ancient times, painless tooth extraction technique was implemented but being traditional, and the knowledge is not being properly channeled leading to its extinction. Though in different texts, oral hygiene and dentistry is studied but it is scattered. Hence, comprehensive literary study of physiological and clinical aspects of dentistry from Ayurvedic texts can act as base for routine clinical implementation of dental care in Ayurveda. Also, scientific workout behind tooth extraction without the use of any anesthetic drugs is the need of the time.


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