Study of Anguli Pramana in individuals with different nutritional status with respect to its validity in the present era

  • Pratibha Visave Professor, Dept. of Rachana Sharir, Siddhakala Ayurved College, Sangamner, Dist. Ahmendnagar, Maharashtra, India.
  • Deepnarayan Shukla H.O.D. & Professor, R. A. Podar Ayurved Medical College, Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
  • Deepali Choudhari Associate Professor, Dept. of Dravyagun Vidnyan, S.S.T. Ayurved College, Sangamner, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India.
Keywords: Ayurveda, Anthropometry, Body mass index, Normal nutrition, Under nutrition, Over nutrition, Anguli Pramana


Introduction: Anguli Pramana is an ancient form of Anthropometry put forth by sages. It mainly deals with the measurements of the human body. Literature search revealed that, not a single study was being carried out for assessing the validity of Anguli Pramana in the present era. Therefore, the present study was planned. Method: After ethical clearance, 770 participants between 18-50 years were selected from Ahmednagar and Nashik region. Measurements were taken for selected parameters and converted into Swa-Anguli Pramana. Body Mass Index of each participant was calculated and categorized according to the nutritional status. The data analyzed with Student’s t-test using Systat 13.0 version software. Result: Comparative data of standard and measured value was found statistically different in all nutritional status groups. Discussion: Anguli Pramana may not be considered valid in the present era may be due to evolutionary changes and lifestyle changes in the human being.


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