A role of Ahara - An emphasizing view on Katigraha

  • Smitha C. Kanavi Assistant Professor, Department of Panchakarma, Sri Jagadguru Gavisiddeshwar Ayurvedic Medical and Hospital, Gavimath, Koppal, Karnataka, India.
Keywords: Ayurveda, Ahara, Traya Upasthamba, Katigraha


Ahara is one of the Traya Upasthamba has been a prime importance since from Vedic Period. It is quoted as Brahma in Upanishad and Acharya Kashyapa mentions it as “Mahabhaishajya”. Any Vyadhi which originates from this Panchabhutatmaka Sharira which in turn can be cured by Oushada along with proper Pathya-Apathya which play a vital role in re-establishing the Physiological health. According to Laulimbaraja “Pathya is the secret of healthiness likewise Apathya is the root cause of all disease. Looking into the classics, Annapana Vidhi, Asthaaharavidhi Visheshayatanani, Pathyaapathya concept, Viruddhahara etc. infers that importance of Ahara by our Acharyas. The disease Katigraha is Vata-Kaphaja Vyadhi. Vata is the main functioning system of body along with other two Doshas. Any vitiation in this functional system directly/ indirectly troubles the individual affecting one’s personal and social life.


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