A Ayurvedic management of Pittavruta Vata w.s.r. to Cervical Myelopathy - A Case Study

  • Sumayya P. Lecturer, Department of Samhita & Siddhanta, Himalaya Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital, Palganj, Patna, Bihar, India.
Keywords: Cervical myelopathy, Avarana, Pittavruta Vata, Panchakama, Rasayana, Ayurveda


Cervical myelopathy involves spinal cord dysfunction from compression in the neck. Patients report neurological symptoms such as pain and numbness in limbs, poor coordination, imbalance, and bladder problems. Owing to its mobility, the vertebral column of the neck is particularly prone to degenerative changes such as disc herniation, ligament hypertrophy or ossification, and osteophyte formation. Avarana is a unique concept in Ayurveda. Avarana is the route along which the pathogenesis of many diseases proceeds. It is one of the most complicated fundamental concepts to understand, teach and incorporate in clinical practice. There are so many conditions which mimic Avarana. It is either least observed, diagnosed or goes unidentified due to lack of skill. To understand and analyse the Avarana, meticulous knowledge of basic concept of Avarana is essential. Since Avarana comprises of many different clinical conditions, it is difficult to plan a general treatment schedule. Repeated Panchkarma and Rasayana therapies will help a lot in various types of Avarana management. Here we have to incorporate the concept of Avarana in treating cervical myelopathy for better results. Unravelling the spectrum of manifestations of Avarana will not only help to have a better understanding of the disease, but also enable the physician to have a differential diagnosis in each and every case he is going through. This article strives to put forward the correlation between treatment aspects of the cervical myelopathy and Pittavruta Vata.


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