Effect of Shampakadi Niruha Basti in the management of Katigraha w.s.r. to Lumbar Disc Herniation - A Pilot Clinical Study

  • Shubham Borkar Post Graduate Scholar, Department of Panchkarma, Pt. Khushilal Sharma Govt. Autonomous Ayurveda College and Institute, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India.
Keywords: LDH, Katigraha, Shampakadi Niruha Basti.


Lumbar disc herniation (LDH) is the most common lumbar spinal disorder that produces low back pain and/or leg pain. A herniated disc is a displacement of disc material (nucleus pulposus or annulus fibrosis) beyond the intervertebral disc space. LDH may be correlated with Katigraha in Ayurveda on the basis of clinical features of the disease where Vatadosha with or without Aamadosha settles in Katipradesh (lumbar region). and cause pain and stiffness. In the present study 6 patients of lumbar disc herniation were advised the treatment modalities like Shampakadi Niruha Basti along with Rasnaerandadi Kashayam and Trayodasang Guggulu orally for 16 days which was found very effective in relieving the sign and symptoms of LDH.


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DOI: 10.21760/jaims.8.1.5
Published: 2023-02-15
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