Ayurvedic treatment outcome for Chronic Liver diseases

  • Dr. Ashok Kumar Panda Research Officer (Ayurveda), Central Ayurveda Research Institute of Hepatobiliary disorders, Bharatpur, Near Kaliga Studio, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, INDIA.
  • Dr. K. K. Rath Research Officer (Ayurveda), Central Ayurveda Research Institute of Hepatobiliary disorders, Bharatpur, Near Kaliga Studio, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, INDIA. A unit of CCRAS, M/O AYUSH, GOI.
Keywords: CLD, Cirrhosis, ALD, DILI, NAFLD, NASH, Kamala, Halimaka, Panaki, Yakrit Suska, Yakrit Vidradhi (Liver Abcess), Yakrit Granthi ( Liver cyst), Yakrit Dalludara, Krimija Yakruit Roga


Currently available medical therapies for liver disorders have more systemic toxicity, cost effective and liver transplantation was advised to many cases. So many patients want to take ayurveda medication as last choice or as a choice due to poverty. We have documented more than 200 cases and found 40% cases are Non Alcoholic Fatty liver diseases followed by Cirrhosis of liver. There are more than three hundred herbo-mineral preparations in Ayurveda system of medicine for the treatment of jaundice and chronic liver diseases. More than 50% people of our country relay on Ayurveda and herbal medicine for liver diseases. Ayurveda medicine could represent a promising tool to postpone the need of liver transplantations, increase the QoL of patients with cirrhosis, and reduce overall treatment costs of Chronic liver diseases. Ayurveda also delivered sodhana ( Purificatory treatment) by means of Panchakarma treatment. Rasayana therapy is very helpful in CLD. Diet has a integral role in Outcome of a CLD patient. Evidences are coming for remission of hepatao-cellular carcinoma and reversal of fibrosis of liver with high life expectancy. So public participation as well as awareness for Ayurveda treatment in Chronic liver diseases are required. Proper training and modern skill development should be mandatory for of Ayurveda Physicians treating liver diseases . More evidences in terms of Ayurveda outcome studies are the need of the hour to create a hope for CLD Patients.


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DOI: 10.21760/jaims.v4i06.785
Published: 2019-12-31
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