• Dr. Abhilasha M.D. in Dravya Guna, G.A.C.H., Patna & Medical Officer, Pulwarisharif, Patna, Bihar.
  • Dr. Vijay Shankar Dubey Professor & HOD, Department of Dravya Guna, Government Ayurveda College and Hospital, Patna, Bihar, India.


Krimi have been considered a major public health problem through out the world (WHO, 1967 Wandan, 1983 McLaren, 1984). In our country this problem is equally significant. It effects the children more frequently than adult (CCRAS 1987). Krimi hamper growth and development of a person, create malnutritional condition and decrease immunity thus the effective solution of this problem is necessary. Of all the herbs used in treating worm infestation, Vidanga is the best. So, Vidanga was selected for the present study. Whole plant of Embelia ribes Linn.  were used as materials, as whole plants are used as medicine. Acharya Charaka describe Krimiroga in Vimanasthana. In most of patients, who are suffering from worm infestation have an Vivarnata (discolouration) on the face. “Vivarnata” had been described by Acharya Charaka under the Lakshana of Purishaja Krimi and it has been also described in Rasavaha Srotodusti Lakshana. Krimis robe the digestive nutritive assets through the intestinal wall, which we are making with high effort. So the deficiency of Rasa Dhatu create. According to Dhatu Poshana Nyaya if the Rasa Dhatu is not sufficient then other Dhatu can’t form properly and ultimate weak resistance and poor immunity develops and it is one cause of recurrent nature of disease. Prakriti Vighata and Nidana Parivarjana eradicate Krimiroga from the base.

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